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perfect your pitch

Perfect YOUR Pitch!

Pitching, Marketing & Sales Workshops

Because having a great product or service alone just isn’t enough

Pitching has recently been associated solely with asking for money. However, I’ll show you that pitching, marketing and communications are similar activities that need to be undertaken if you are going to start or grow your business or sell your product or service. Gain the knowledge of more than 25 years of experience and concrete skills and actions you too can use to become a master pitcher of you, your company, its products and services. The results you can expect will be a new appreciation for what it means to pitch (market, sell, communicate) and the skills to get better at it.

  • What pitching is and why it’s so important
  • The different kinds of pitching
  • The difference between pitching, marketing and selling and the similarities
  • Tools to create a pitch for the right purpose
  • Why it pays to never break one of the 10 commandments of pitching
  • Actions you should be taking to perfect your pitch
  • Read Jonas’ testimonial to the right regarding my Perfect Your Pitch workshop and go to my testimonials page for more

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