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public speaking workshops

Speak So People Will Want To Listen!

Public Speaking Workshops/Coaching

Learning to speak in public is an important skill everyone can learn and improve

With me, you will be guided by an award winning speaker whose greatest passion is becoming a better communicator and teaching other’s how to as well. Personal coaching sessions for individuals or small groups and interactive workshops for hundreds can be accommodated. The results you can expect are greater confidence and a myriad of tools, exercises and actions you can utilize to make your next speech one that everyone will remember and be talking about.

  • Tools to create a memorable speech, presentation or other communication in front of an audience
  • What makes a speech powerful
  • Body language. It matters more than you think!
  • How to use your voice and even how to NOT use your voice
  • Using stories to make you a more powerful speaker
  • Managing nervousness and even fear
  • Using the stage for a more powerful presence
  • Better connection with the audience
  • Practice may make perfect but preparation is the true key. Learn how to best prepare
  • Use humor to make yourself and your speech more memorable
  • Handling difficult questions or audience members

Don’t see what you want covered?

Not to worry!

Each project begins with a consultation to make sure your needs are communicated and then taken into consideration during the development of the program. All workshops, seminars, coaching and other services can be customized to meet your requirements.

Contact me today to get started!